Designer Emily Tong Shebert creates an inspired line of jewelry that embraces a distinct and edgy fashion sense.  Wei in Chinese means only and Mei is defined as beautiful.  Wei is also the prefix of Emily's Chinese birth name, Wei-Lun.

All pieces are designed and made, by hand, in Chicago using high quality hand selected gemstones.  No two pieces are exactly alike.  Natural variation in stones and natural variation in the creative process creates pieces that are truly unique.

Each piece of jewelry is designed with simplicity and glamour in mind resulting in a collection that is beautiful, wearable, and appeals to those of all styles - from the rocker to the sophisticate.

Our Add-a-Charm feature allows you to customize your favorite bracelets with one or more charms.  Some bracelets even include your choice of a singe charm!  Be sure to check out the Charms page to pick one that tells your story.